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A little dirty after cleaning a basement area in Dundas Street Edinburgh
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Mono block path - Edinburgh
Capital Power Wash - Driveway cleaning specialists in Edinburgh
Another driveway in Edinburgh cleaned and sanded.
Driveway cleaned, no more weeds | Edinburgh
Cleaned and sanded driveway in Edinburgh

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Have weeds found their way through the cracks in your monoblock? Has your driveway become discoloured and moss-ridden?

Capital Power Wash leaves you with a driveway that you can be proud of. With an eye for detail and perfection that is second to none, our team will use the very best machinery to have your driveway looking clean and bright as if it has just been laid... no matter how old!

Our whirlaway rotary cleaner digs in deep to loosen the trapped debris while our Honda Cobra power washing equipment blasts unwanted particles away. As you can see from our pictures the colour transformation is phenomenal. Once we (and you) are satisfied with the job, we use dry kiln sand to fill in the gaps left by the unsightly weeds and moss leaving you with a beautiful, clean driveway.

Our aim is to provide you with an affordable cleaning and maintenance solution for your driveways and patios. We strive to keep the customer happy, 95% of our work comes from recommendations from previous jobs so we must be doing something right... don’t hesitate to ask for a free demonstration today!


Recommend a friend or family member after using our services and we will give you £30!